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Offer an intimate and exclusive concert with a singer at your wedding reception with your family and friends, it is now a typical animation and in high-demand for all wedding themes combined.

Remember Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore in the movie “The Wedding Singer” with Robbie and Julia, or when they meet again in “50 First Dates”. All Rom-Coms will show you that music is the critical element to create a unique atmosphere

American artists such as Christine Taylor, Steve Buscemi, Billy Madison, Alexis Arquette, and more, have started with wedding gigs before hitting the box office as rock stars, and the stage on Broadway musical, touching the heart of million worldwide.

A romantic comedy makes our hearts melt, and the music is to help people fall in love, and a wedding singer will be the extra mile to make your wedding ceremony unique and special to you and your guests.


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Why hire a singer for his wedding?

A wedding singer will allow you to create good energy during your marriage reception. Besides setting up a good vibe and good energy, this will enable you to offer an authentic and relaxing atmosphere.

A wedding singer will catch the eye of your guests and will ease the tensions offering a concert with a singer can make your guests want to party.


  • For the organizers of the event: it allows them to relax.

The latter has managed the organization, the setting up, the costs of the event, and all these little troubles to solve.

It is time for you to have a relaxing time and to entertain your guests. It allows you to provide a relaxing time for you as the organizers of the evening, which is essential during a wedding.


You will, therefore, understand a concert with a singer during your wedding will allow you to offer entertainment related to the theme of your wedding (or your various events).

Often, it is better to do call on a singer who can also carry out the lighting animation. For example, you do not have to get several providers, which means less stress for the organizers, but also, most of the time, lower financial costs than go through several providers.


Eventeus.com can connect you to the best wedding singers who will offer an animation service, which allows you to meet your different needs, but also, which will enable you to understand what you want and the theme you want to have during your reception.

Live music options at your wedding

Marriage is one of the rare times in our life when we hire musicians to create the soundtrack of an event. Live music brings a festive and magical touch that is difficult to match. The possibilities are endless, don’t be afraid to think outside the box!

  • Professional musicians

Some musicians have a classical repertoire, others preferably jazz, but many are comfortable in several styles and play in various formations.

To find them, you can ask for references from your entourage or choose the best of your wedding singers through the Eventeus.com online platform.

  • The wedding ceremony

Have you thought of a choir for a church ceremony? Voices in harmony give chills, guaranteed! For example, you could bring a choir from outside and hire an organist to accompany it. The acoustics of a church are also ideally suited to a cappella voices.

  • The ride entrance

Create an unforgettable moment by asking all the guests to sing to welcome the bride to the ceremony. Imagine the scene where everyone would sing, for example, “All You Need Is Love” by The Beatles, accompanied by a few musicians. The idea is to choose a simple song that everyone knows, so they sing it with conviction and enthusiasm!

  • Musical interludes

Do not hesitate to punctuate your ceremony of interludes, which will highlight the chosen musical pieces and their performers. Bonus: these breaks will allow you to make the most of the present moment!

  • A cocktail parade

If you can walk all together between the ceremony and the cocktail party, why not make it a musical parade with a traveling band like the Dixie Band or New Orleans style?

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  • Background music with singer

By sticking to jazz or moderate tempo repertoire, guests can chat with each other without a problem, and those who wish can linger on the performance of the musicians and enjoy their presence.

  • Groovy music

If you want to set up a party atmosphere, a wedding singer could gradually increase the energy of their performance, possibly making the guests dance around the middle of the cocktail party.

It is an exciting option for couples who are afraid that their guests will get bored during their absence for the photo time.

You could make your entry to the cocktail party by joining them on the track. Without a doubt, the evening will be memorable!

  • Dance between services

The most common form of live music during dinner is to have a wedding singer that will make guests dance between services. A great way to liven up a long-lasting dinner and make sure that guests are still hungry for the fifth service!

  • To kiss the newlyweds

During the meal, an orchestra could invite each table to join them on the stage or the dance floor for a short performance. For example, you could choose the songs in advance, depending on the style of the guests, and put the lyrics available to them on the table. After each performance, the bride and groom kiss!

  • Your favorite singer

Would you like to have the apple sing by one of your favorite artists: Billy Idol, Boy George, the Beatles, etc.? See if you can hire a cover wedding singer for a performance for your first dance. A unique moment in a lifetime!

As you can see, there is no shortage of opportunities to bring music to the forefront at your wedding, so be creative and have fun!

How much does a wedding singer costs?

Prices vary widely from region to region and depending on the experience of the musicians. Still, it is reasonable to pay around 300 euros/hour for the wedding singers and some musicians.

Find Wedding Singers on Eventeus.com

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As a reliable event support partner, Eventeus gets you in touch with all types of talents, artists, performers, but also wedding planners catering companies and a great selection of wedding singers.

If you have spent months planning and setting up the perfect day, it is time to rely on Eventeus to help you book the best wedding singers for your party.

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